Riverdance                                                                                                                         January 25, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

I am faced with the same challenges in each new city as company doctor with Riverdance.  Those challenges involve providing health care services to the cast and crew in addition to my services.  It is surprising to me how vastly different the quality of services can very from city to city ranging from unparalleled care in Denver to exceedingly poor care further East.  It was very fortunate for me to have had such fantastic facilities and caring health care providers available for use in Denver.  The focal point of this great care revoloved primarily around Jan Dunn and Sarah Graham.

Jan Dunn is the dance medicine and Pilates programs coordinator at the Colorado Center for Dance Medicine at Levy and Associates Physical Therapy center.  She has a Master’s degree, is Executive Director of the International  Association for Dance Medicine and Science, and is a former dancer.   While Riverdance was playing the Buell, Jan Dunn provided the female lead with private Pilates instruction, a first for the dancer, a group lesson for the remainder of the troupe, also a first, and has sparked interest to continue Pilates workouts throughout the coming dance season.  She was also instrumental in connecting me with other healthcare professionals proficient in dance related injuries.  Finding doctors and other health care professionals who understand dancers and their unique needs is a monumental find in any city.

Proficient in dance injuries, Sarah Graham is a licensed physical therapist specializing in dance medicine and is also a team member at the Colorado Center for Dance Medicine.  She has worked closely with dancers both pre and post performances, treating multiple conditions and offered much assistance to the Riverdance cast and crew, especially in the area of rehabiliataion.

Both of these individuals possess vast experience, knowledge and networking capabilities that your complex stands only to benefit from.  I am envious of your position…to be located near such great resources.  I only wish each city I traveled to offered the same quality of care my dancers experienced in Denver thanks entirely to Ms. Dunn and Ms. Graham.  Denver has set the standards for which other cities we play are now compared.  Take time to tap into your resources.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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